We have a passion for the innovation of custom printed interior decor.



Vivid Interior Decor was established in Calgary Alberta in early 2018. After over 68 successful years in the printing industry with our division of Rileys Enterprise Solutions, Vivid was born as a successful counterpart which focuses on Corporate Identity and Branding within the interior of our customers, focusing on corporate identity, hospitality, buildings, institutions and healthcare. 


Building off of our existing locations across Canada and into the United States, Vivid has a large team of Project Managers which act as local contacts and liaisons to ensure your inspirations are brought to life efficiently and with exceptional quality.


With our main headquarters set up in Southern Calgary, we have built our space to house a successful workflow, including various pieces of equipment and machinery for printing and finishing of various interior materials, an organized project management and design work area; and finally a very spacious and interactive samples area. 






Executive Director

Candice has been in the printing industry for over 25 years.

Candice is passionate about bringing creative ideas to life, ones that excite and impress our customers.

Candice's imagination and photographic background bring exceptional solutions to our design process. Her operational efficiencies are incomparable, allowing us to save time throughout the project life cycle. 

The vast knowledge of print and creativity Candice brings is always shared and appreciated, this makes our business a more Vivid solution for our customers.

Creative Director

Lindsay has been in the printing industry for 10 years. 


Originally, exploring a post-secondary education in Interior Design, Lindsay completed her program but fell in love with the world of print. Now, Lindsay is able to combine her two passions within Vivid Interior Decor.


Lindsay assists with our larger projects, providing design concepts which follow our customer's corporate identity while achieving the anticipated mood and perception. 

Lindsay loves to play with colours, fonts and imagery to bring your idea to life and represent your Corporate Identity.

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